Suplex City Limits Ep. 74

August 28, 2016

Join us as we dive into the week in wrestling with comedian Richard Cason and host of Comic Can Coozie podcast Tayler.

Suplex City Limits Ep. 73

August 19, 2016

Join us this week as Tyler from The FUDeration Podcast  joins us this week as we stumble though another week in wrestling.

Suplex City Limits Ep. 72: Cheap Pop & The Bro on a Pole Match

August 14, 2016

Join us this week as we are joined by band Cheap Pop and surprise guest (I'm not gonna tell ya, you have to listen) as we run through you week in wrestling.

Pay Per View Take 2 - Ep. 3

August 9, 2016

The return of PPV Take 2 the show where a real pro wrestling booker (Jared) and a smart ass know it all podcast host (Jim) take a look at the worst wrestling PPVS of all time to find the good and rebook the bad. This week the boys dive head first into WWF Summerslam 1993! 

Suplex City Limits Ep. 71: The Schlur

August 7, 2016

Ep. 71 August 7th - Greg DeMarco 411 Mania columnist and promoter of PHX wrestling. Also, a surprise run-in from Yuk Nasty and all the madness and fuckery you can cram into 2 hours.

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