Suplex City Limits Ep. 35 - Guest: Brian Zane

November 29, 2015

Join us this week when we welcome Brian Zane of his Wrestling with Wregret YouTube Channel. We cover Survivor Series and the week in wrestling. 

Suplex City Limits Ep. 34 - The Pulverizer Strikes Back

November 24, 2015
We are joined once again by guitarist of death/grind band Gorgatron, The Pulverizer Paul Johnson. We review Survivor Series 1990, preview 2015's event, talk Bloodsport, and more!

Suplex City Limits Ep. 33 - Return of the Jaredi

November 15, 2015

HE'S BACK!!!! And he's better than ever! HE'S GOT A KNACK!!!! For makin' things better!!! Join us this week for the return of Jared from Fully Loaded Wrestling. 

Suplex City Limits Ep. 32 - The Candy Hangover

November 9, 2015

Sooooo, Seth Rollins hurts himself?! That, and much more in this week's action packed action!!