Suplex City Limits Episode 17

July 26, 2015

Be sure to lace up those boots and make sure you have your tight socks on, because we are going to rock your them off. We cover Raw, Battleground PPV, Lucha Underground and much more with guest death/grind band Gorgatron Guitarist Paul Johnson.


Suplex City Limits Episode 16

July 19, 2015

Jim and Rando once again take almost 3 hours out of their week from saving puppies, putting fires out at orphanages and helping old ladies cross the street to talk to you folks about the wacky world of wrasslin'.


Suplex City Limits Episode 15

July 11, 2015

Jim and Rando do what it is we do every week. Join the Madness that is Suplex City Limits.


Suplex City Limits Episode 14

July 6, 2015

Rando starts his 4th of July fun off a little early. A fun episode for the fun weekend that was had. Enjoy.