Suplex City Limits Episode 9

May 31, 2015

Coming to the ring, at a total combined weight of 590 lbs, hailing from parts unknown, they are the World Wrestling Podcast Champions, Jim Vicious and Rando Commando, they are Suplex City Limits!!!

We are back at cha' this week, DDT-ing Raw, NXT, Lucha Underground and more. Preview of Elimination Chamber, News in the wrestling world and some mad fuckery. Join us for a good ol' wrasslin' time.

Suplex City Limits Episode 8

May 25, 2015

We at Suplex City Limits are going to apologize, we ran into some issues with hardware in this episode. Jim has a bad echo. This has forced us to acquire new hardware, unfortunately we were unable to redo the episode and we are forced to release this below the standards we set for ourselves each week. These issues have been put in the Boston Crab to prevent any further interference.

Jim and Rando run wild all over Raw, NXT, Lucha, Paybaxel and various adult beverages. Pop those ear-buds in and embrace Suplex City Limits.

Suplex City Limits Episode 7

May 17, 2015

Straight from the cosmos Jim and Rando are coming at'cha with another powerbomb of a show. RAW, Lucha Underground and NXT all gettin' the elbow drop off the top rope this week. We also introduce Rando's One-Minute Smackdown Review........ No Spanish announcing table is safe.


Suplex City Limits Episode 6

May 10, 2015

This week Jim and Rando try and take over the world.... instead they watch pro-wrestling all week and talk about it. Raw, Lucha Underground, Impact, news and our 3rd inductee into the Suplex City Limits Hall of Fame

Suplex City Limits Episode 5

May 3, 2015

This week on Suplex City Limits, Jim and Rando discuss Axtreme (Extreme) Rules PPV, RAW, NXT, Lucha Underground, The passing of Vern Gange and much, much, more.